Soaring to Greater Heights of Service and Sisterhood is the 2022-2026 program theme of the International President & CEO, Danette Anthony Reed.  The following initiatives are designed to improve the lives of those we serve.  We will work collaboratively to maximize our outreach on progressive endeavors and consistently produce leaders who will advance our credo of service.

This is the administration’s foundation initiative.  We will intentionally take time to fellowship and form lifelong relationships based on affinity, love, trust, respect, and shared goals and interests, while concurrently building on our foundation to serve others.

We will take a multi-generational approach to fortify families within our communities by addressing child hunger and promoting positive youth development and leadership, mental well-being, and senior life.

We will further encourage and equip our members to place key strategies into action to build personal, organizational, and community economic wealth.

We will employ select strategies to optimize our collective ability and to improve and protect the environment at scale. We will prioritize activities that promote the adoption of more sustainable and responsible practices.

We will equip communities with the tools, knowledge, and support to activate their voices and mobilize self-help to empower communities to help themselves.

We will celebrate excellence, promote a focus on service, and stimulate effective culture and showcase best practices — ”Local Change, Big Impact, and Global Showcase.”

Please visit the International website for full descriptions and more information about its current initiatives.